I wanted to share with everyone a wedding invite that I got to do for two of my most favorite people in the whole world. 

Not only did I have the opportunity to design for such good friends, but they were probably the best clients I have ever worked with. When originally designing the invitation they had a few requests. The original mock up resembled more of a Hawaiian theme and was eventually scratched.  

Many designers have to deal with clients completely changing everything they worked so hard on. A lot of times potentially destroying the original idea and almost stripping them of all creative control.  This was the opposite case, their demands were so specific it opened up so much opportunity to play with the design. At first, Tiffany, the bride was messing with me for fun by requesting such ridiculous changes to the design that I had no other option to play along. In the end, they were very happy with the design.

A few requests.

  • Beach scene
  • The bride as a mermaid
  • The groom as a pirate
  • Mariachi band in the clouds
  • A tiger on the horizon
  • Fiesta themed for Cinco de Mayo

Here are the results: 

Mark, the groom, still wanted to keep the band, but Tiffany voted against itAfter some more revising we came to a final piece that did replace the mariachi band and tiger with writing in the sky and in the sand. 

Here is the final invitation.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!